Complex Real Estate Projects

We have over 20 years’ experience in providing legal advice on complex real estate projects. Although each project development has its own peculiarities and challenges, there is nothing we have not done in one form or another.

We advise our clients on the acquisition of development sites. In addition to environmental risks, due dates and guarantees, a clear structuring of the purchase price is necessary. When using layered purchase price structures the peculiarities of each project development must be correctly and adequately reflected. Used properly, these purchase price structures can reserve a certain additional flexibility for the project development whilst remaining purchase price neutral.

We support our clients in complying with all relevant building regulations. This includes, where necessary, making changes to or formulating development plans or obtaining specific exceptions and releases. Beyond this, where there is a need to consult with specialist agencies, such as in respect of the preservation of national heritage, water rights, or rights of way, we proactively support our clients with the assertion of their legitimate interests.

Third party objections and public petitions aimed at preventing large real estate projects have become increasingly common. To protect a legitimate project we, together with the other members of the project team, develop strategies to mitigate and if possible to prevent such costly action before it occurs. An appropriate device might, for example, be to obtain an advance ruling to clarify and legally settle the status quo of existing structures. Contesting the admissibility of third party objections might also be appropriate. We also regularly support our clients in their communications with the regulatory authorities and policy makers.

We consider ourselves as a part of the project team and see our role as purely a reactive one. Rather, together with our clients we proactively plan ahead where necessary to anticipate the next legal issues and steps.

References are available on request.