Legal Project Management

Complex major projects require a holistic project management during all phases of implementation. This applies not only to the business and technical implementation but particularly to the preparation of the project road map. A smooth approval and authorization process can only be guaranteed if legal risks and issues are identified early on and solved in a forward looking manner, this includes the exploitation of all available synergies between the many procedural steps.

We provide clear answers to legal questions. Our offering goes well beyond this: we see ourselves as part of the project team actively supporting all decisions as a comprehensive one stop solution. We are familiar with the challenges that arise during the life of a complicated cross-border project and also understand the complex interaction of all parties involved and their individual interest sets.

At the commencement of the project we clarify the legal framework and risks, we then present the available options to address these. The planned project is thereby quickly placed on solid foundations and best prepared for informed investment decisions.

After the investment decision has been taken we assist to ensure that the approval and consent processes are efficient, project structures are optimized as well as tender and negotiation processes transparent. This will result in a legally certain and commercially fair investment package balancing the interests of all parties and set the best conditions to ensure the project commences as smoothly as possible. What’s more, due to this structured approach, the risk of major unwanted time schedule and budget overruns is significantly reduced.

On completion of construction and commencement of operations, investors understandably want to start generating the optimum returns on their investment. Over a lifetime of a project we help to unlock its full potential by optimizing financing structures, adapting to changes in the operating environment, as well as safeguarding rights and defending claims.

Our team has advised on:

  • the planning and construction of an sub-marine cable (telecommunications) between New York, the United Kingdom and Germany and between Germany and New York ("AC 1");
  • the planning and construction of several hydropower plants in Portugal;
  • the planning and construction of an offshore wind farm in the North Sea; and
  • the planning, approval and construction of a tunnel construction under the river Trave.